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Dell customer service - Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions is the most important document of the company and it requires full attention of the customer. It is advised that before taking any service from Dell customer service the customers should real the Terms and conditions document carefully. This document acts as a binding contract between the customer and the company whenever you decide to take the company’s service. It is an agreement to the entire clause of the company and you signing it means you are agreeing to all the terms.

The terms and conditions document explains for how long the agreement is valid, the prevailing conditions and fees for premature termination of the contract. Dell customer service has the sole discretion to make changes to the Terms and conditions document regarding the liability, limitations, scope, privacy, settlement of disputes, arbitration clauses, etc. Any breach of the terms and conditions from any side can lead to legal actions to be taken. If the terms and conditions are updated or amended by the company then the customers will be notified.

Once you decide to take any service from the company or buy any product, this Terms and conditions is applicable in all cases. It is mandatory to abide by it. In case you do not agree with the terms and conditions then it is advised that you do not take any service from the company. You are also advised to leave the site immediately.